This is an online marketplace for Black-owned businesses to sell their products and services to shoppers worldwide who are looking for unique items, and/or seeking to support social equity via eCommerce. .  fosters  a  partnership  ecosystem.

provides you with an opportunity to buy great products and services from Black owned businesses. supports our merchants by providing digital readiness training classes.  We prepare our marketplace owners to participate in the 1.3 million dollars made on the internet every :30 seconds.  Through our Creative arts Digital Media Academy (CADMA) we offer 21st Century job skills in middle and high schools in South Seattle.  Our adult courses include training in journalism, communications, broadcast, film, photography, editing and web design.


Purchasing through strengthens communities. Small business creates as many as 90% of the jobs in some years. And in the Great Recession's aftermath, new businesses are doing most of the net job creation in the U.S.!

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